Patient Profile/Insurance

Which Type of Patients Will Benefit Most From My Practice?

I run a private, personalized consultation practice and will routinely work with your other physicians, therapists, trainers or coaches, per your request.  My patients range in age from their 30s to their 80s, but they have one thing in common. They are motivated by a sincere desire to work with an experienced physician, who will objectively assess their problems and enable them to achieve a healthy lifestyle by addressing the biomolecular factors that are limiting them.  They understand health is multifactorial and that an integrative approach, with laboratory verification of their conditions and documentation of their progress, is necessary to improve function and well-being.

The main thrust of my practice comes from patients who are concerned about the fact that they are on multiple medications and just don’t seem to be making any progress to regaining their previous levels of health.  They are being seen by physicians who just don’t have enough time in their practice to individualize their care or consider an integrative and more holistic approach.  Typical patients include: 

•    Women with peri-menopausal and post-menopausal hormone issues
•    Men with erectile dysfunction and low testosterone conditions
•    Cardiovascular risk assessment 
•    Hypertension not responding to conventional therapies
•    Gut and Digestive disorders
•    Thyroid & Endocrine Imbalance, Adrenal Fatigue, HPA Axis Dysfunction
•    Sleep Disturbances and Fatigue
•    Allergy, Autoimmune and Skin disorders
•    Mood, Anxiety, Focus and Memory concerns
•    Sports and Athletic Performance Optimization
•    Wellness and Aging concerns
•    Environmental Toxic Exposure (mold, heavy metals, EMF exposure)
•    Osteopenia, Osteoporosis, and Arthritis concerns

For a more complete list, see the “Scope Of Practice” tab.


By design, my private office has no waiting room so that during your appointment, you have my undivided attention. With the advent of telemedicine, I am able to extend my practice to the privacy of your home. If the need arises, I can arrange referrals to specialists through USC, Cedars Sinai, UCLA or any regional medical center of your choice.   Our office will process authorizations and requisitions for your ancillary studies such as mammogram, bone density scan (DEXA), MRI/CAT scan and blood specimens. My patients appreciate this full-service capacity, convenience, and efficiency similar to a concierge practice.  Most of my patients have PPO or standard Medicare with a supplemental insurance, as these forms of insurance are usually accepted by the laboratory services that are essential for integrative medicine.


Please note, the nature of my practice is such that I cannot accept patients who are not fully ambulatory, on dialysis, diagnosed with cancer, or have advanced cardiac conditions, debilitating neurological pain, or disabling orthopedic conditions. "I know what I have been able to achieve for myself and am committed to extending the same honest and effective approach for my patients as well." 

We accept Medicare (as primary) and all PPO insurances such as:


Anthem Blue Cross
Blue Cross Blue Shield


Healthnet PPO

Medicare (as primary care only)



United Health Care

For those of you who prefer not to go through insurance, we will be glad to accept you as private pay patient.