Clinical Case Examples

Case 1: A 55-year-old dentist with complaints of insomnia and fatigue and history of “high cholesterol.”

Case 2: A 68-year-old retired female who complains of irregular heartbeats, insomnia, and anxiety.

Case 3: A 72-year-old criminal defense lawyer with complaints of insomnia, decreased libido, aching muscles, and sensitivity to food and chemicals.

 Case 4: A 47-year-old nurse with complaints of fatigue, constipation, short term memory loss who has had a gastric sleeve procedure in 2018.

Case 5: A 44-year old perimenopausal real estate agent with complaints of loss of energy, insomnia, irritability, anxiety, stress, thinning skin, mood swings, food cravings, dry hair, brittle nails, and difficulty focusing.

Case 6: A 70-year-old contractor with normal BMI and healthy eating habits with complaints of “congestion” keeps him up at night.